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Friday, November 14, 2008

went to sarkies corner for buffet dinner last night!thanks to my binbin first~muack!actually it was xiaoli's birthday today.so last night we went to club to celebrate.and before that i went for dinner with my eater babies!super happy the theme of tonight's buffet was chinese and japanese!

yifei and alicia

guan and my ebiko!*yumm*

then camwhored in the restroom before went to mois!

oh yes and the dress code was snow 'white'!see me and yifei dress alike hor?sisters!


shift to mois!last night was the earliest night ever that we met!we met around 10.45pm!and i went in to pick the seat!hiak hiak!so happy!

photo with the birthday boy aka wei li aka xiao li!~hahaha i like his hair!

before went in!
crowd of people!22 guys and 7 ladies! =D

odesha and joshua were drunk!and yang tend to fetch odesha back first so they leaved earlier.yifei and alicia went home too.how sad.but im still happy that alicia were there haha!*muack muack*although they were back but the rest still partying.and i am still the 'protected animal' geram!

after a while went to fame with kenken,dailou,gary and mingyi!

the surrounding in fame was getting better!quite enjoyable and the place is cooler than mois!mois was freaking hot.shall come here and party next time.
and when we get back to mois,most of them were drunk.

and joshua vomiting!herh~

geli lo actually i cant remember how much liqueer we had.i think more than 5 bottles and more than 5 buckets of beer?

till then..muack muack kenken bie and gary bie~

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  1. I saw u in Fame that night, do u remember me?


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