Saturday, December 27, 2008

♥the christmas is over,finally!usually this would be my happiest moment to spend time with my dearest f&f, have fun,parties and looking forward for the next event, which is the countdown at the last day of the year. however,this year its a bit unusual, because this christmas was a farewell for my binbin, she is going to US at 2.55pm today ='(

♥we are going to separate in hours.

♥i know that i am gonna miss her so badly

♥and celebrate birthday without her for the next two years.

♥we used to celebrate every birthday together, spend every happy or sad moments together, share secrets, chew the rag throughout the night........seriously we never separate for a period of time since the day i know her.people will be curious because we're so different, nevertheless, we still can be intimate.she understands me and can use the best word to pacify me whenever im upset.

♥she is a very busy person, bustle about her lesson, practice and performance, yet she will always find time from her hectic schedule and hanging around with me.she is always my best shelter, cheer me up and i know she is always there for me =)

♥now she's leaving, i know that i have to walk without her, so do edwin, be tough k =)

♥and for binbin, may you have favorable winds in your sails.stay in contact with us and take good care of yourself. we will miss you darling, muacks! *huggies*

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  1. darling bito...!! i reached here... and i'm fine. meet alot of new friends... don't worry yea..i love you!


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