Icecreams! =)

Friday, December 12, 2008

I loooove ice cream!especially when they are free of charge!muahhaha...guess what!we are going to use our RM50 cash voucher in swensen today!i got this voucher during my last time visit with gary last month,probably because the waitress felt gary is cute because they gave it to him,or maybe she thought gary is fat and the food that he ordered that day did not satisfy his big tummy?arhh who cares!whatever the reason is but.....happiness is to share!so 6 of us went today.

before we went to swensen we went to sakea for lunch first!i felt a bit guilty..should go to sushi king la next time!odesha and young were late because they're lost,again.somemore got fined by the police because they took a U turn somewhere nearby the factory!super happy also because ah ken was there too as he said he's not coming because he's pretty tired and need more sleep before he went for basketball..but still he came at last =)

weeee......yum yumm!

a sweeeeeeeeeeet one!

and sweet two!how cute!

till then.miss the doremon so badly!i want a bigger one XD

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1 dreamers

  1. i like tat pic looo..wahahaha!
    im so cute^^ like my tongue!
    lick u!!!!


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