Odesha bebe's oh-so-memorable-day!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

muahahaha congrats to odesha!!today is definitely her big day.first,she got her tattoo done!!and second,she got back to a relationship!!!alrite she is the 'someone' that i mentioned in the post before.i wanted to get my tattoo also!

her face before tattoo..

then here it goes!

see her face!

erm....sweet muack muack-ing haha

then done!!

nice hor?i also wanna get one laa!

okay and back to the relationship thingy..hahaha Teh Chin 'Mek' don bully odesha lo,ah bo we will bite you and kick you and then throw you to the rubbish bin!*grins*and to see their sweet muack muack video clip, you can kindly search the video in youtube!=)

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