still mois!

Friday, December 12, 2008

last night clubbing was a relaxing one!and slightly different from before because we had 2 pairs of couples now right in our people =) still had a fun night!not much people, only 11 guys and 3 ladies!my two bies fetched me and we reached around 10.45,the earliest again!and u know what,ken left his wallet at home,so how to enter mois without his ic?luckily his brother brought him his wallet at last.

us again!

the reason why he will drunk!

sweet muack muack one!

oh yes and venus the star and glian joined us in the middle!and i was really depressed to know that my binbin is not coming.*disappointment* ='(

i cant really remember what time we left the club and how i left and its ridiculous!!the drunken gary and the drunken ken said im drunk but i know im not!!hello i never drunk okay?

alrite gonna stop here because im goin to grab my fondue in swensen now!muahh!

looking forward for our next club =)

and also my binbin's last club! ='(

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