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Thursday, December 25, 2008

lack of updates recently and some people keep complaining about my blog!my singapore trip was dashed because of some problems and we went to genting and berjaya hills.not much to say about genting because its too foggy.and for the flying coaster,it really scared me to death!and before the ride i was shaking like a leaf and scream for the whole journey!and for berjaya hills,super boring and we've got nothing to do there.those shops and restaurants stop doing business at eight.

here's some photos to share....

in the cable car with ah bi and fishy,its my first ride after years!

the blurry theme park.

and a short video of the Wii-kids.

notice the colourful building in the red circle?(click the pic to enlarge) imagine how near it is!we can see first world hotel at berjaya hills!

a view from our balcony!

our room...nice?a living room,dinning area and 2 bedrooms

night scene of the street

having lunch somemore got music to enjoy

family photos =)

feeding rabbits in the rabbit park

bugs bunny me XD

ps:need some time to update because my camera is broken now ='(

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