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Thursday, December 11, 2008

im here blogging again!and cant believe that i managed everything in time.but there's a dissapointment =( which i know that i can do it better if i have more time!i should have start my work a week before then everything will be perfect.perhaps i have to be more constructive in the next term.last saturday and sunday im working really hard in gold coast with the fellows!spent the whole saturday there for the albums and some drawings.went to pc fair as well and brought a nice nice skin for my lappie =)

see we really put lots of effort!

and at night after ah keong and ah guan went home,the black bie and white bie started to fight...not for bananas but for my lappie's old clothes!hell they used it to stick on their face and legs =.= dont have to watse money for waxing anymore!

and the next day,alicia and her someone joined us also!muahahaha..how sweet!and ken and ah keong leaved earlier after they took some photos from my balcony because they are going to pesta for shooting!i wanted to go to pesta so badly =(

we stayed up until very late that night and i finished hwa siang's 5th sketches at last!!

ps:this post is to show that we really do our work during the weekend la ^^

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