Thursday, December 11, 2008

*051208 Friday*
okay back to the day that i went for my assignment's shooting for seashells!went to a picturesque beach and had so much fun there,but not for my bie =( because he step on a dead puppy,and this makes him felt so guilty and upset!anyway still a big thank to you guys for helping and wasting time with me for my photos =*

we delighted ourselves by acting ah ken, monkey and bunny.

and a ladybird that follow him to queensbay!

=) after that we went to queensbay for food!

some yum yum candid snaps in wongkok =)

weeee......i wanted the round thingy with a pair of wings so badly!they are so nice!

after my photographers went home then i met up with the darlings for dinner in kimgary.cheow hua,ah lian and lay kim are back!*huggies*

and before going back i saw my bie standing beside kimgary!so i hug hug him XD

till then

will update soon

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