Chinese new year retrace =)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

its 年初三 early 2am now and i and blogging here =) will be a short and fast flashbackpost!
my very private photographer: Boy Tan Kwan Yew *huggies*
steamboat for family reunion dinner after 2 years.finally!
after that went to putra marine to fix the tv. fishy and boy came along with me and finally we brought firecrackers!!
night scene without a tripod know!


nice but transient.
went back around 11.45pm to meet with dad and 7pek. cant believe that i went to pray pray with them!i can still remember the last time i went was years ago, and i was almost killed because of oxygen depletion.kwan yew said it was too smoky so he did not take any photos there!
dressed up nicely and took breakfast together as usual before start our new year's visit.
first photo in the year of moo moo
mui mui having her breakfast
dad reading newspaper; everyone is eating!
k mak's brand new monogram mini lin bucket in WHITE!!!
oh man!i love it sooooooo much!
after that went to 2pek's house to gather with all the Tans!da ger is going back to hongkong tomorrow early in the morning ='(
dexter, kwanyew and malcolm
act silly with dexter the little nephew.

and the blurry me.
scott the superstar posing; kwanyew, clement and melvin
group photos with 3sao, 3ger, dasao, jacquline, clement, george, max, yeu, xiaogu, ersao, malcolm, melvin, mom and peisher before goin to 6gu's house for steamboat.

our table!
steamboat, liquor and beer in 6gu's place with everyone until late night =/
woke up so late and headed to 4eepor's house for yummy yummy nyonya delicacies after dressed in my polkadot's dress!*hehe* popo, xiaojiu's family and liangseik's family went together with us.miss those food so much esspecially the spicy and sour soup!after lunch we went to da eepor's house and 3eepor's house as well.
around 7pm we went to setiapearl island's country club for dinner with 7pek, xiaogu and granny.its a very nice place but not much photos were taken because we're hungry =P

nice view?but lots of them are still developing.

yu shang!i like it because its colourful!!

granny, 7pek, xiaoguzhang

kwanyew my lengzai photographer ; fishy the mui mui

xiaogu, george and me

me me!they said i looks hiao!whatever!!*wink*

blink blink night scence!see the aeroplane departed?

firecrackers session after dinner!with kwanyew, ah bi, yeuyeu, muimui, hank and didi =D


and play with the shutter speed lu!

dapek's, 2gu's, 3gu's and 3em's house tommorow!

and ah young's party at night~


good night and happy chinese new year again and again =*

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