Rabbits' eater

Thursday, January 15, 2009

cant wait to post this thingy after saw odesha's 'oh shit' post!

yea imma copy meow~ XD

but those food are really cute with all those rabbits-shapped-food!awww....for sure i'll be reluctant to eat them!

rabbit-shapped-sugar cubes.



fried rabbits?

yummy cheesebake!!

strawberry-flavoured chocolates!

chocolate pie =D

cookies~ i always dream of this kind of cupcakes XD

and dessert!!

looks cute and yummy right?shall open a shop for this cute food, and im sure it will brighten up your day! =)

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3 dreamers

  1. cute weiiiiiii.... i wan i wan i wan. but i dont think id eat them too ==p


  2. weiiiii...come come find a day we bake the chocolate rabbit pie k?i want it! ='(

  3. how to bake choc rabbit pie? i wann ur hse or mine?



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