yukai and owi's birthday

Monday, January 12, 2009

*finally i've got all the photos to update!!
everything was stucked after my baby cam was killed!='( *
back to last friday!
happy birthday to yukai(9/1), ken(9/1) and owi(10/1) again and again *huggies*
we celebrated their birthday in babylon before mois, but too bad because ah ken did not join us as he had more important things to do *grins* and another thing that makes me felt incomplete was the absence of yifei,anffi and joshua!

okies photos photos..

♥the birthday boy and the birthday boy♥
first group photo without odesha and young, because they went down to get the cake

but a fatty baby blocked everything XD

okay la a nice nice one..

oh yes and we've got a new friend!he is alicia's bf!!!!!i mean bestfriend* and i do not know how to spell his name =D

and finally the yummy cake arrived!

by the way, i was just in time to take the opportunity and made three wishes also!the first one is for the birthday boys doubtlessly, just a simple wish that hope the friendship between both of them will last forever.and for the second and third, its my very private wishes indeed =)

another group photo!with all of us =D

ops!and i cut the cake before the birthday boy *sorry hah*

me,gary and alicia.wondering how come his photo will more than me leh?i din even have the chance to take a single shoot with alicia!herh!

the sweet muack muack one pop-up in my blog again *sweet*

and here comes the holiao-est cocktail!

see its the flaaaaaaaming one!

photos with xin guang-direct translate from chinese

gary's the-not-happy-with-me-expression!

odesha's cute and naughty face XD

and one last photo while leaving..
then went to mois and met up with those regulars!we went in just exactly in time because they just ended the fashion show. oh yes and have to thank to xiaoli,rudy,nick,joshua and friends for the free tickets lo =)

okies la i need to sleep now good night people *muacks*

next birthday upcoming- 21st january!

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