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Monday, February 09, 2009

good morning world!!!

finally got through my 8 hours nap from 12pm until now. stay awake the whole night until 7 in the morning then i fall asleep.thought i can have a real nice sleep but NOT!i've got a super big alarm clock yelling, screaming and jumping around booming the whole gold coast.he even tought my cuttie dog to attack me!who else will bully me like this besides the myterious gary?im so sleepy and i can only barely open my eyes to look at his pity face begging me to fetch him back. how could a kind-hearted young lady bear to refuse such a pathetic and delicate babie's request?
oh yes, and he managed to mop the floor when i was sleeping!
cant believe that he finished all the work ALONE!
credits to him XD
alright lets go back to the day before.
there's only me, ken and gary doing homework in gold coast, pretty humdrum!did not finish much of the work because we were just tattle around and chitchat about bygone days*zipped*.
then they started to play around with the ribbons after rubbed about the T.I's music video which the waitress dreams about a sport car as her present from T.I!!that music video is really a laughter point!it shows how cute T.I is =D

two big guy





cute ribbon-bies!

then two of them started to *ahem* don sue me!

they are not gay la!
same la homework continue,with alicia, yukai and gary.im glad that i finished 3 of kah soo's sketches!keep on our work until someone shouted 'hungry!' we headed to queensbay and brought lotsa food(rice,sushi,burger,mcd,kfc,cake..........everything!!)so hell, even yukai was shocked and asked us, 'are u sure u guys can finish all this?' and gary replied arrogantly, 'sub sub sui, im very hungry okay?!'
*no wonder he has a big tummy!*
had our dinner at the balcony, as if its very romantic!

after finished our dinner then only we started our work.and of course, left a lot of food.but we still went to buy our supper at last.do work and kaypo-ing until 7am in the morning.

homework party?perhaps la.shall ask more people next time then will be perfect!

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