pai tii kong

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

venue: tanjung bungah, kek lok si temple and chew jetty

date: 020209

decided to play a part in the pai tii kong's(拜天公) celebration this year!i've never went to the celebration before in this 20 years.the celebration starts around 11pm so after class we went to gurney for lunch and Inkheart, then headed to the beach for firecrackers before went to those pai tii kong's hot spot in penang.

cute leh?our helmat look =D

alicia babe and i crazying for motor ride XD

too bad because the wind is too strong on the beach and ying's leg was scalded by albert's firecracker!besides, we're also short of candles!shall prepare more candles next time.

ying's sweet smile and yukai the yengyeng pose.

playing with the dinosaur's eggs as well


hope we can have another night for firecrackers before the chinese new year ends!!

perhaps chap goh meh(元宵节)?




actually we are going to tii kong's temple(天公坛) in ayer itam but too bad, too jam over there!so finally we went to kek lok si temple for the night view!it was still bustling although it's late that time.we spent around 15 minutes there only and not much photos taken because there's some problem with gerald's camera =(

bad quality by my phone!i wanna go back for once before feb ends la~




reached chew jetty(姓周桥)at 12am sharp!just in time to see the fireworks!it was so niceee and keep on continue for the whole hour we spent there!

crowed right?the celebration had made the who chew jetty became so lively!i truely treasured the time that spent in this preserved heritage.

the road covered by happiness red after that =)

till then!will load more nice nice photos as soon as i get all the photos =*

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