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Friday, February 06, 2009

Basic printing 4th week
done our self-portrait for cardboard printing this week in basic printing!finally its a simple one and we finished it just in time =D

see mine~

draw it in black and white then cut it out

print it, then done!

lots of them said my portrait does not looks like me, as gary said, my face not that thin lo~ haha but who cares!ricardo said okay its nice =D

alicia's piece.prettier in reality of course!


yifei's and joshua's

shuyi's, jojo's

and chris'.

Basic printing 3rd week

guess what!we've finished our silk-screen printing!

i brought the t-shirt with all of them in baleno weeks ago. all of us have the same t-shirt but different colour!delighted to spend time together that day, it was my first hang out with all of them in this semester.

nice?we brought 10 tees just nice,without repeating the colours!

my very own t shirt =) still ok lo but quite dissatisfy with the outcome because i don really like the colour.

alicia's and joshua's!

Basic printing 2nd week

cardboard printing that killed me!looks simple right?i took almost 2 days to cut my lion!=.= and keep on repeating doing it until its perfect.that was a combination of animal and human, besides, we have to make it in to symmetrical.

the outcome.

my babe lion.

yifei's octopus and alicia's sexy zebra!

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