Smoky Jack

Saturday, February 21, 2009

went for dinner with babie, darling and darling's babe last sunday (15th Feb). we went the place that i always dream of, which is the smoky jack ribs and steak house in upper penang road. if binbin was here she'll definitely love this place too im sure =)
i was fascinated by this place since alicia babe told me about her visits weeks ago!this place is under the same management as tao sushi. what caught my eye was the weird tree roots that it had at the entrance. you would be amazed by the interior seriously.

inside the restaurant it was pretty dim but still you can see the tree roots are everywhere on the wall. besides, guess what's on the ceiling?the celling was actually covered by the old style wooden doors and windows!very nice!

the lengzai and my boston clam chowder!the puff pastry was really good!!i love the buttery taste of the puff pastry and creamy soup so much.

pork ribs and cod fish with wine sauce!

the pork rib was tasty!but the cod fish was a disappointing one, but still zhenhui managed to finish it muahaha. hazel and her babe just ordered a cheezy pasta to share.tasted good but its a bit too creamy, and we also ordered a cheese fries as the appetizer. the fries was in a very big portion and we do not manage to finish the whole thingy!but i still like the fries so much =) oh yes!and there's a complimentary bread with 3 type of delicious butter which is sweet butter, garlic butter and spanish butter.

sweet sweet couple =)

actually that day was a very meaningful day for us!first of all its a sweet be-lated valentines dinner, then it was our first dinner with jitsun after he came back from japan, and finally it's the anniversary of the day hazel and i first met zhenhui babie =D that was indeed the most memorable day in his life to met with two cute lengluis haha

siao lala!


before going back we camwhored in the restroom!its really a nice place!even the restroom can be that well-decorated!

he's forced to do that XD

friends forever!love you much, muacks.

look forward for our next dinner =)

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