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Monday, March 16, 2009

my birthday is coming real soon. im so nervous, probably its because of im getting older! i just hate the feeling! i know its foolish, but i don't know why. mom asked me for my birthday celebration, i do not have any idea for it..or i should say..i am trying to escaping my own birthday?i really do not know why!!argh! mom says if i don't want any party then maybe she'll try to get me something i want.

something i want?

hmmh. my never-ends-wishlist?


but somehow i was thinking of something which is simple....yes its really simple, but sounds a lil bit crazy, and silly. i guess that will be the best thing i ask from mother.i am SERIOUS!this will be a very important decision and i know i will keep on going no matter how difficult it will be. i'll never give up halfway!

=) just try to be different from the pass 20 years.

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