im so freeeeee *flashback*

Thursday, March 12, 2009

rotting at home is a sin, especially in this lovely weekends. aren't me suppose to be in genting highlands now, having fun and enjoying the cool weather with them? =( how sad. just forget about that lah. im so damn boring now, and lazy haha. why im in holiday while most of my friends are having exams or rushing assingments?*sigh* someone ask me to update my half-abandoned blog about my recent life. yes actually i have quite a lot to update, but i've got no time er. and its holiday now, it was like i just fling everything in a sudden, free and easy now! ^^

k la here goes..

dylan!this is the first photo that we took together!it was in oldtown after we went to education fair.saw someone's photo that day wahaha!

homework in goldcoast...errr...the albert trying to act like what ken and gary did weeks!dylan refused him so

went to school with alicia although we do not have any class that day.then saw gary's car beside the flowery plant so......... *grins* but the outcome nice lo!

my baby robot!i try to make it look short, fat and colourful haha, its cute, so that i can be happy everytime when i see her =D it was one of my 3d work, another one was a peacock made by wire,er,that's a small failure so i do not have any photo of it.

my self-portrait!one of the 5 sketches that i handed-in. geli rite?seriously i cant really draw myself i dont know why.need to improve improve and improve!

gary!my drawing haha.some friends asked me hor..'why seldom see ur gary bie pop up on ur blog recently?'ok lo then i post him up now.^^ no ma...busy ma dont have anytime to hang out also.

hard hardworking me and alicia. last touched-up of our illustration while waiting for colin.ahh!why why why its so difficult to draw by using marker!

who's that again?haha....thanks to colin er, he helps a lot =)

last last, the photo of the month-my stupid face!i like this photo i dont know why haha.its funny!

till then. if u people got sim, please, text me, ring me or knock me and ask me out! ^^ muacks!

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  1. babe bito!! i'm so proud of you!! wheeeee... when is my turn to be your model?


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