artificial eyelashes

Monday, April 06, 2009


recieved my eyelashes from cherry last friday!happy happy =D nice lo especially the lower eyelashes. i brought 20pairs of them for only 95bucks included postage!cheap arent they?!(np:8bucks/pair lo) mom scolded me because there're still 6pairs in my drawer and i still craving for more!haha but of course im not using that much because im too lazy, so if anyone that interested, please, get it from me for only 4.50 per pair at anytime!! =D

me me with upper and lower eyelashes with make-ups!(eh no editing its original!) i felt its a bit weird, but fish says its nice and my eyes look bigger, just mayb im not used to it XD what do you think?

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4 dreamers

  1. wow pretty!put it everyay!!hahaha

  2. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
    i wan i wan !!
    can show me tmr???
    please please please !!!

  3. hi.where u buy the fake eye lash?

  4. [boy]haha thanks but that's impossible to apply it everyday lo!too lazy =P

    [odesha]forgot to show u today haha!friday lo =D

    [anonymous]hi,i brought it from a friend, she's in kl.


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