dragon-i one ringgit chhicken

Saturday, April 25, 2009

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went to dragon-i for dinner last sunday with hazel. i was there to try the 1ringgit chicken!!its only rm1 for a tasty soya sauce chicken, i mean whole chicken!!!of course you have to order at least 2 other dishes to enjoy this special promotion, so we ordered a 菜肉云吞拉面 and a 萝卜丝酥饼. its been a long while since my last meal in dragon-i, miss the food so badly!! i miss 辣子鸡and 锅贴 so much!!!!! ='(
ok la, this promotion is until 30 of april only, from 6pm to 9pm everyday. and for your information, it will be really crowded so the best is call to make a reservation before you go!i was shocked when i saw the crowd last week, because we were quite early that day, haha but still we dont have to wait! =D somemore got discount!
so go and try lo before it ends!!only until this thursday!

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