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Sunday, May 31, 2009

sorry ^__^ i know it has been a while since my last update here.
but no point la, because im in a total holiday mood!

and this is how i spent the first week of my holiday besides sleeping at home...

********** 18 May, Mon**********

went shopping with yueshi in prangin before gurney, and we got nothing there except some brochures. after that we went to gurney and grabbed some goodies, and finally had my cheesebake again in winter warmers!! look at her, she is getting prettier as her hair grow longer! would be perfect if she wears contact lens ^__^

the next day still shopping with yueshi and the brother, in queensbay. pat suppose to hangout with us but too bad she's very busy for her assignments lately.

**********21 May, Thurs**********

go kai kai with odesha, young and anffi, again, although i just went shopping with anffi in queens on the day before, but i still never refuse to shop =D its a bit different because we joined odesha's very-cute-ahgu-and-ahkim!! anffi reached a bit late, but just in time to join us for lunch in Kazue, a new japanese restaurant in gurney.

see anffi's sexy curls? nice nice i love it!

photos when odesha trying out some lipsticks with my new baby CAM!haha, yes i brought it for 888 in stead of 988!and its only 975 after adding the protecter, thanks to bengchoo much much, muacks!

oh yes, and darren called me that morning, he told me about my result which is

A A A- A- B B-

can you believe that???

last sem my result was like B+ B+ B C+ C-, it was super low graded result which i failed my moral! and this time i've got an A for my malaysian studies! don siao siao, now only i realize how much i love malaysia! =) *direct copy from my hiddenblog, paiseh*

and at night we celebrated yeuyeu's birthday!

happy birthday to yeuyeu,

and happy birthday to alex!
(sorry for not celebrating it with you hah!XD)

**********22 May, Fri**********

my friday was a well-being one. i woke up 9 in the morning, and realized that mami made the jelly which full of strawberry, kiwi, dragon fruit, grapes and cherry!argh, i love it sooo much! ah sin loves it too, mom says will make her one next week =D happy leh you?

then after that my cousin-peisher called me and ask me out to do some research in a few bridal house and choose her best wedding gown!haha, fun job leh?so i just promised her promptly!we went to a few shops, which is

In wedding,


and Blissful.

our first stop was In wedding in greenlane.
the wedding gown that i love so much in this shop!

the fitting room was in a mess =.=

a really nice corner in the shop! my future house have to make a wall like this, full of lively and sweet sweet photos ^___^

the shop is good, the service is nice and the gown are gorgeous. but she's not really satisfy with the photography and the album's quality. so, after a few try we left for our next destination. we did not take any photos in aspial because we are not allowed to take any pistures there. err, nice shop also, but the service was bad, i hate the way that the lady speak! we did not spent much time there, we went to Blissful after that.
oh, Blissful was a really nice bridal house! its her final selection!she tried out around 10 gown there.

these were design and made by the famous gown designers from malaysia. the designers are called D&L (Daniel Tang and Leslie Lee). they had given the wedding industry a brand new wave with their unique concepts and designs for wedding gowns which is really impressed me!and they are costly too, have to pay extra rm1200 each if you wanna wear those designer's gown.

see, this is one of the famous gown in hot pink. the handiwork was really exquisite and colourful.

and here's some of the photos to share.

the latest design and meterials of a wedding album. it's made from crystal, and the design was so nice right? owww i wish i can design my own album someday la =D

ahhh!and this is my favourite dress! nice lo!

some bedroom photos. i didnt know bedroom photos can be that yeng and lively! niceee leh i wanna get marry laaaaaaa

we went for dinner after on. peisher claimed that she's too fat and she has to eat something not oily and healthy now, so we think of 'younghearts'! haha, miss the food much much really ='(

the pretty but old lady XD

favourite spicy and sour soup!erm, specially dedicated to bin darling ^__^ muacks. im sure you miss it!

my super tasty salmon rice!

and colourful dessert.

**********23 May, Sat**********

im a mami's girl today! go market with mami and be her kulei for a day, somemore did some shopping with her and pay for her stuff =.= ah, what a good girl ^^

but but, i brought a lot of things too errr =D happy lo.

**********24 May, Sun**********

yeah, me and ms venus went to ms gilian's shop to surprise her! that lenglui is working everyday now from 10am-3pm and 6pm-11pm, in a japanese shop. im sure those equatorians and babies will be familiar with this shop,

its Koyotei, behind new world park, just walking-distance from amoy lane!


cant see gilian's uniform clearly?


hahaha, cute no her SM-ish french maid look?

lets see the food la, quite nice, but not much choices lo.

green tea and the appetizer

holiao and holiao.

my udon set meal.

two fatty.

haha, took this photo because there's another waitress that saw that student id in my purse and ask,

'eh, is that really you?you look totally different!'

then i asked, 'erm, fatter?or older?'

then she replied 'no la of course, prettier a lot' muahahhaha.

*sorry hah, kindly ignore it if you felt uncomfortable with my show-off-ness XD*

we waited for her until 3pm(her break time) and bring her out to gurney! ohhhhh its been a long long while since the last shopping with her leh!!

da da! and after brought some t shirts from padini we went for mango ice in food loft, but food loft had changed into 'ko fu loft' now, its a brand new chinese restaurant. we were super happy when the waiter told us that they still serve mango ice!!

yummy mango ice and che cheong fan!

vietnamese spring roll. still prefer golden triangle one!super tasty!

to be continue la ^^

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