Imma murderer!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

hey people!!!!!!!!!!
guess what,
i am in an ecstasy of being a murderer now XD

ahaa! *and MUST ignore my panda eye!*

this is how i look like and what i've been doing during my assesment week!im sure everyone will look this way now, agree? this term is still okay, quite relaxing one, but how i miss the moment that i used to have my work rushing in a mess in gold coast with gary, alicia, ken and etc etc, although that moment will never come back, but i still miss it so badly = (

blah! being dreamy again.

anyway, last hardwork together for this term now =D and do take care while working hard kay? Jia you everyone of you.

i have to go to bed now, will upload pics of my work after this.

oh yes and before i forget,

see my dear yueshi's pm?she's coming back!


cant wait to see you, cant wait to cubit you lo =D

nitez people =D muack.

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