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Monday, June 01, 2009

.........continue lo XD

**********25 May, Mon**********
i went for a hair cut this afternoon in prangin, and that costed me rm180 after the stylist said 'oh, we are having a promotion on hair treament bla bla bla bla...'
girls ma, you know la.
but sai lo, my hair is like shrivelled now!! arghh! why har?
kay la then after that i went to fetch ms venus and go for dinner. haha, i told her that we are going to hawker actually, but after that i changed my mind because i wanna buy some tees so, we went to queensbay! ^__^

the not-very-fat-but-still-fat young lady.

we had dinner in jonny's as she is craving for cheap and nice tomyam.

the 'aiyerr' spinach noodless and very very yummy karabu.

and me me!! brought a cute file! and im showing off my furry stuff and blinkies that costed me rm86 =.= aih, but still happy la!

typical camwhoring~

i want more dress laaa! tried a few in F21 but most of them are out of size, donno why =.= i like the red one so much la!but they left only L size! and i looked so short in that black one, eh, recognize the black one?its odesha's christmas present last year, and now they are having 50% off liao XD

i spent my time with mami at home the next day, helping her to clean the house and wardrobe, till i found this!!

her collection of those old-styled wedding photos of the family and her friends!

i nearly died laughing when i saw all those aunt and uncle's young and chubii faces! its so cute and yeng la!! i wonder if i show my wedding photos to my kids when they grow up, they will definitely laugh at me too!

**********27 May, Wed**********


went to gurney to meet up with the people and went for a movie. anffi is not coming because she's in sp =( its very funny because i cant regconize ah young at all!!! somemore thought that odesha changes her boyfriend when i saw that guy that she's holding doesnt look like ah young XD then i was shocked when they shouted me!! then only i realized that ah young changed his hairstyle!

odesha trying to capture my HOT pinkish XD cute leh her fringe!

camwhored in the washroom again after the movie.

then we went to Gasoline in times square for dinner. erm, actually i never step into times square before, so its quite excited eh XD

the place is nice, well-furnished with their own style, great ambience that suitable for teens and youngsters. the price is affordable too, but the food is not very satisfying, the drinks as well. and the tomyam is ........ *shake head*

and here's some photos to share.

after meal we went back to gurney because my car were still there. and and, mami im sorry because i lost my ticket again. i really donno how it happened, but it just happened =( i think i dropped it in the cinema. but thanks to ah young la, for getting me another carpark ticket hahaha. save my rm20 for foooooood! =D

**********28 May, Thurs**********

happy duan wu jie peeps!

i was so so so so so excited that i am so sucessful this year!!!

for making.......

the eggs..........


like this, like this

and like this!!!!!

OMG i cant believe it!!!! i was indescribable happy la... im so proud of myself la weiiiiii =D

okay la, a photo of myself smiling for the victory!

then after that did some shopping with mami in parkson!! mami claimed that she has not been to parkson for.........donno how long already.

brought this stupid dress that makes me look fat! i regretted so much! =(

and found this super holiao pants while digging.

then we went to 600cc for ice. im craving for ice just because i saw it in odesha's blog that morning! *wipe saliva*

my peanut ice!!!!! please try it kay, i felt its the best ice in 600cc.

and mami loves ai yu bing, but this one taste bad =/

and the mi shua, so disappointing, its over salty =(

my cute ice and mami.

then went back to putra and took some mirror shoots of the HOT pink. XD

nice no?

some people said the pink is too frightening, some said too hiao, some said soft pink better. i don care i don care la i like HOT pink!! and *frightening* and *hiao* so ngam me! ^__^

in addition, there's a super fascinated performance in dewan sri pinang that night.

its a dance comedy from south korea. super holiao!!!

**********29 May, Fri**********

busy with my blinkies. since brought it and no time to do it then i plan to spend my whole afternoon to do it! and i did it =D

eh eh, just part of it lo! more that you expected XD will make a post of them someday when im free!

at night we went to da pek's birthday (dad's eldest brother) this is his 80 birthday already! really old but still heathy. most of the family were there that night. super warm, and the last gathering like that was months ago, quite a while already.

not much photos has been taken that night, not even the cake, the food and da pek =.= because im not the one that holding the camera and i have to much to catch up with those cousins.

dexter again.

the lady that getting marry!

=( a photo without me! from left, yeu, ah boy, fish, mami, 6 em, scott, peisher, melvin, 2 sao, dexter and malcolm.

went shopping again, with didi and those old ladies the next morning.

then spent the rest of the day in putra lo. online, eat, watch tv and chitchat.

somemore got taylor swift keep me accompany =)

and! i wanna go swimming laaaaaaaa!!!

**********31 May, Sun**********

last day of my holiday =( its not enough at all. i brought fish to prangin for a new hair cut today. did some shopping as well, brought some tees again, for her and myself. herh, spent my money like water har you.

her simple but expensive hair. and we went for food!

my devilish smile. *hiak hiak*


extremly delicious cabonara!

special kind of chicken chop.

and the chicken pie! i miss DOME so much =( anyone?

haih, after that went to queensbay with some of the cousins again. they went for hair cut in theater. today is a good day for hair cut is it? sein la.

so i went for a walk alone in the huge queensbay, and at the middle of it dylan text me!!!yes yes yes finally he rescued me and we shopped together!!haha, so in the mood so i brought this and that again =/

went home around 11pm. eh, my last day of my holiday havent end yet, not until my supper =) and we spotted two of this holiao car at the end of the carpark! its from a same owner i guess, because they are having a same number plate, same unit number as well. im goin to knock the door someday.

seeee!! a ferrari and a SLK!!! its over liaooo, AT LEAST 3 million for this two cars! i want it i want itttt!!!

and back to my supper now.


so damn yummy until i cant explain! i just love those seafood without reason! i know im fat =( i will control eh after eating this so dont worry peeps.
okay la, end this post with didi's cute cute sleeping pose.
brand new semester, jia you for everything bit!

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