Monday, June 08, 2009

actually i refuse to go at the begining, because i don wanna be dark =( and i wanna follow the others that went shooting of the herritage =( but im forced to go to the beach because of mami!

mami and peisher are looking for some clean and nice beach where we soak and swim in the sea! they are crazying about the seawater now, said that the seawater can make our skin fairer, healthier and soft.

and its sunday!

dad brought us to a beach that has a pleasant scenery, clean warm seawater and white sandy beaches. i thought it will be hot but luckily not. we sat under the shady trees and its quite cooling and windy in the morning! its located somewhere around balik pulau i guess, or between balik pulau and teluk bahang la. its called pantai pulau betung i think.

the mermaids! =D

and the waves was really big there, dad says because there's no island blocking beyond it, the wind blows straught away from the straits of malacca! the strong wave reminds me of the moonlight beach(pcb of kelantan^^) that facing the south china sea. owhh, i miss that beach so much!

and we are neither soaking nor swimming, but busy with the childish stuff that delighted me!

trying to build our sand castle but we failed.

and theres some redwoods along the beach, very nice! just like the 'dead dog beach' that i love so much ^^

my mami monster !

shall go again next week! =D

wanna join?

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