birthday dinner

Thursday, June 04, 2009

gilian's sumptuous birthday dinner with the darlings in Bagan on monday. lucky, because she's in her holiday and she went back just in time to celebrate her birthday! we reached bagan quite late that day, all because of me =( i fall asleep after i went back from school around 530, ah sin waited me for almost an hour in my place. hah, sorry la, i know you still love me no matter how! =D

photo with the birthday girl at the entrance of Bagan.

birthday girl, ms venus and my 'pretty in pink'.

love the ceiling that covered with those neon lights so much. romantic eh!

and our food,



ahhh, i wish my binbin was there with us =( i miss her

another corner of the place,

and there's a few private function rooms, well-decorated and great atmosphere for gangs to party around or sit,relax and have a drink.

and the entrance of the restroom,

luxurious huh?

back to the ladies,

camwhored while waiting for our dessert.

the birthday girl with her sweet little choco belgium.

*tagged ah bin*

another photo that represents our friendship that never ends,

*no matter we are single or not* XD

and some photos before we left for coffee island.

ermm, we went coffee island because of some reasons.

saw the 'someone' there wor! finally =D

jo with her cute fringe =D

alrite, shall ends the day with a last pic with the birthday princess, muacks!

good night peeps,

im so sleepy la!

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