buffet dinner at G cafe

Thursday, June 25, 2009

♥Smile everytime you peep!♥

its my long waited buffet dinner in g hotel with jo and gilian =D its jo's belated birthday dinner and the busy ms venus failed to keep the dinner because she was......! ='(

and good news!!! g cafe is now having a promotion for digi user, buy 2 free 1!! super worth right?the theme of monday night is tex-mex fiesta and international. they serve tasty mexican food such as homemade tacos, chili con carne, kicky salsas and more. oh my god we ate a lot!!! i never eat so much since last year until now ='( and i gain 2 kgs after this!

the eater of the night! gilian and jocelyn =D

im a BIG eater heh!! and i love the tomato soup so much! super holiao~

the international part. with loads of lamb and beef, the beef rendang is the best!

the tacos with special fillings!

a very cute dessert =D sort of pudding that filled with peanut butter, but its doesnt really tasted good with the syrup!

food food and food.

starfruits darlings *sweeet*

ah jo, full with hunger satisfied!

gilian left a bit earlier as her *cough* came to fetch her. donno la, quarreling about something or what. then ah jo and i chamwhoring around the hotel. i was so full man!! felt like vomiting and i cant really stand straight! =(

miss the restroom lo! =D ohh, and i miss my miraku so much laaaaaaa!

g lounge, the most beautiful lounge in penang =D

see my black black face! but its super comfy to sit that way when my stomach is going to explode. and sleepy.

the flashy stairway

the entrance of g spot

loving the lighting soooo much! especially when it turns into hot pink! XD

photos of jo and meeee in the carpark =D love it, because i looks so tiny in this!

okay la, im too sleepy now =.= shall end this post with this



-quoted by the ah boy that owe me banana soup, 23 june 09

so that i will never eat so much anymore ='(

I MUST CONTROL!! *shout with confidence*

*good night everyone, and baby!* =)

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