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Friday, June 19, 2009

just had my dinner with pat! =D miss her much much

the last time i see her was before my birthday, she is so busy la, not even have time to meet with yueshi. finally i catched a chance to go out with her. i reject her at first because i had class until 630 on thurs, but lastly i manage to reach home around 615 *thanks to someone =)* so we decided to go to gurney for jurin express

pat, the pathelyn =)

and me, my stone rice and my stupid pig face *ignore my mouth pls*

see my spicy salmon stone rice *yumm*

the stonerice is really yummy, i was worrying that the salmon might be too spicy for me, but its still okay and tasty, somemore with my favourite ebiko =)

the crisp and the rice make a great combination!!

and my favourite again =)

had a great conversation with her until the shop ends their business around 1030. so much to talk about, besides recent life and studies, we flashed back the days when we're in highschool, especially in u6, and also those blow-over-relationship that makes us grow so much. i had a chat with yueshi the day before, she told me 'i've not seeing you painting for years already, i miss it.' then only she reminds me of the days that i used to paint and busy for those notice boards, invatation cards and also the school magazine in high school. appreciate the conversation really, it does encourage me =) and ah pat, thanks for always remind me of something, i might be careless again without her =P

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