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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

ricardo's class early in the morning! spent the whole morning drawing something that i dont really know what is that, did some shading but im slow because of my stupid pencils.
joshua, doing his che guevara really well!
fashion after ricardo's class. but not felt like going, all because of anffi! she enticed me to go for shopping, and how can i resist the enticement?
so finally i skipped the class, and went pranginmall with anffi to buy old magazines for our fashion journal. we found some really cheap magazines in an book store. i brought 6 magazines for only RM9!! =D then headed to queens after paying anffi's violation ticket.

forever 21 again. in fact we are going for someone's birthday pressie one, we had spotted a dress last week and we plan to buy it. think to get ourselves the same dress but different colour one but its out of stock already =( how come so fast la

topshop. anffi's peachy pink and my hot pink =D
then someone and someone came to meet us. hah! crazying of chezzy wedges wor! argh! yumm yumm yumm!♥♥
covered her sexy lips because it might shock you to death XD

back to odesha's favourite place in qb lo. digging and digging none-stop.
and the pity ah young was so boring and he has to entertain himself

anffi in a dazzling yellow dress! sui leh!

ok la, somemore got odesha in greenie blue and me in hottie pink =D

nice nice sweet sweet like traffic light lo! but still lovin them ♥♥♥

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