sexy odesha's 19

Sunday, June 21, 2009

a big big happy birthday to odesha first ♥♥♥♥♥

muack muack muack muack si you!

finally its 21st of june, your long-waited big day =)

ok la, since its your day, i shall use your sexy purple in this post lo ♥♥

back to the day that we celebrated her birthday two days before her birthday, because her birthday falls on sunday, and some of the people will be going back to their hometown or busy working on sunday, so we decided to give her a simple surprise on friday, after class, which everyone of us can be involved. as usual, everything has been well-planned before that, credits to her mekmek la, keep thinking how to cheer his wife!*sweeet*

it was colin's class in the library this morning, and we went to gurney to buy her a blueberry cheesecake, went back just in time after fetching anffi from leith. we were hiding at 4th floor with the cake and she's waiting for ah young beside his car under the hot sun. young lied that he lost his car keys and come back to the class to get it, then we tried out different way to bluff her so that she will come back to 4th floor.

see the tiny purple ghost down there? she is angry liao la~ la~

and we entertain ourselves while waiting

=.= *make your own assumption la hah*

and finally she get hooked and she is coming up!! we were hiding in a room beside the gd studio. pity joshua knocked his head when hiding under the table.

she opened the door and walk in, started to ask ah young bout the keys, then suddenly she saw dart's yellow hair flutter around at the next door and at the same time we jumped up and shouted 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!' to her =D

look at her, so touched and she's about to cry =')

mr and mrs mek!

"sexy odesha forever"

biting the candles and candies, typical birthday girl.

see her naughty smile!

and see her elastic face!

and here goes our groupies photos,

the best of the best, laugh me to death really!

harrr, and this photo hor shows that who is the first one that dirty up the birthday girl's face worr!

bit, the dirty miao, anffi


joshua is dead after that, dont know why XD

same shirt wor!

the faces of the day!

contrast! *kindly ignore it if this freak you out*

the couple =) love to see you guys get together like that, be cherish and faithful to each other all the time kay, and stay sweeeeet forever!

happy birthday again babe ♥♥♥

love you! and may all your wishes come true =D


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2 dreamers

  1. walau eh...
    i cant control myself!!!
    cant stop laughing at those photos!!!

  2. good la!
    just to make the purple ghost happy ma~


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