Thursday, June 11, 2009

hah!its wednesday!thats my favourite day of a week because i have no class on wednesday!i plan to use my wednesday to finish all my work so that i dont have to rush like hell at the end of the term, i did finished 1/5 of my work in the morning, until i recieved hank's call. then headed to chingwuii's new house in greenlane and fool around with them.

hank showing off his new spiderman's watch

lalala~ ~ notice what? its pink-coloured curtain!

spent hours in her new house and after that we went to queensbay to search for bag. wei sad la, ah bii brought my white puma away!!!GERAM. all because i cant make up my mind and make a simple decision. now im thinking of the same puma but in brown colour. white is really so nice but im sure i will certainly smear that bag in a few days.

another cute backpack❤ i love the colour so much! i will definitely grab it as my school bag if im back to high school!

went to queens again at night with sayang~ tried the high-waist skirt from topshop already, too big =( out of size again

ignore my big butt people!

back to dragon-i! our main purpose is to visit and say byebye to xiaohui and sifu because they are going back to china next monday =(

竹蔗马蹄and冬瓜龙眼that i haven't been drinking for a year! almost forget the taste.

weeeeee~ extra large lamien!! counting the yuntun in my lamien

炸奶皇包is a must! sayang's favourite!


hazel's happy face❤ =D

a yummy shoot! hazel says free advertise for dragon-i worr

special杨枝甘露! thanks to remo❤ we 'wat' him for this =D

oh yess and another climax in dragon i!

see who is this!!!



is the evil kim!!! OMG! i couldnt believe my eyes when i see her in dragon-i uniform!! did i mention that i met her in sakae sushi last week?she's working in sakae and i was like joking and said 'why dont you work in dragon i?' and now she's in dragon i! hah, of course i dont have that great influence la but im still feeling regret, its not easy to work there leh!

❤ah bit and laykim❤

and finally zhenhui arrived just before midnight!

mangosteen that i loveeeeeee. finished them while having a very funny conversation with hazel, bie, sifu and kim, laugh me to death!

camwhore again before leaving!

and pulled remo for photo but he refused!

last photo la. then went around the whole penang searching for ice to eat but failed =(


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