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Friday, July 03, 2009

♥Smile everytime you peep!♥

lalalalala~ went to anffi ah ee's house after class yesterday! she was so upset so we decided to go to her house to keep her company and cheer her up by buying her food =D

ps: watch odesha's every expression in this post! superb funny! and cute!

while waiting for anffi! trying to cover her eyes with her phone =.=

her over-excited-face. she's happy for all the food!

its level 18!!

acting innocent in anffi's balcony. ahh, my camera just love her so much ♥

view from the blacony


=( we brought the wrong kuih. thought it was the deep fried ricecake(ti-kuih or nian-gao) but it was the sweetcorn one, most of us did not eat that leh, but ah young swollow them away!

nah see his happy face

and his wife busying eating her ai yu bing(aka o-gio too)!

ai yu bing that was extremely yummy! ehh! out of my expectation, odesha loves it too leh =D weeeeee~ credits to odesha la! it was her suggestion to buy this instead of buying chendol in penang road. its has been super long while ago lo since the last time i had this old-style ai yu bing!

odesha just love to eat eat and eat, aihh! *innocent*

then meet anffi and her sweet and fat daughter ♥

dylan, act cute!and sat beside all the food and eat soundlessly

THEY finished all the food in a blink of eye! fast lo!
then cam-whored lo! self-timer is always a bestfriend =D they were watching tv one, so at first they were like fuyan fuyan me one.

love odesha's tongue lo!!

and a nice one, with dylan acting emo behind =.=

so lovin this photo lo! like some kind of ballet or pig-born-ducklings.

we went back around 630, somemore have to go to queens to meet up with peyyee and jo =D yes yes yes! and when we're leaving we spotted this cute plant somewhere around,

and odesha's boyfriend named this flower as '_ _ hua', haih!

till then, going out for my super holiao supper =D

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