thursday night in apex

Saturday, July 04, 2009

♥Smile everytime you peep!♥

Jooooooooooooooo! =(

4 days to go! and jo will leave for perth! oh man, why a month passes just in a blink of eye?

jo and bit, in apex coffee

went queensbay to meet with jo and peyyee! yes yes peyyee is back =D jo brought along a secret friend that day, is yaying!!!! gosh i havent seen her for years already!! but end up i lose the opportunity to see her, because im late ='( all because of ms venus again!

ms venus and ah khoon! look alike? hahaha

meet jo, fiona and peyyeee in front of the jusco sushi stall instead of paddington pancake! thanks to my phone and im lost for 15minutes all alone! came across with hazel and cuilin! jo was so excited, keep laughing and busy taking pictures. we went apex coffee after a long discussion, but end up hazel and cuilin did not turn up =( how sad.

nananana! peyyee my love!

Jo with her chocolate ice blanded

my fovourite peanut butter!

we were playing with the wig! cute ler =D

fiona, peyyee with her 3inches high heels and me! *tall lo*

good night people!

hope there will be another chance to hang out with jo again before she leave lo =(

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