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Friday, July 10, 2009

♥Smile everytime you peep!♥


gilian and i went to jo's house on tuesday, which was the night before she left for aus. we caught in a drenching downpour when we're on our way to her house and end up we're all wet! the unbrella was too small for me =.=

jo and her lucky

she was busy packing her stuff in her room when we were there. oh, and meet homer on her head!

and jovy was there! havent seen her for years already i guess. she's so pretty laaaa

jo, me and homer =)

then took some photos lo, since we're not goin to see each other for 5 months =(

*singing- im lucky im in love with my best friend~ ~ lucky to have been where i have been*


we missed the chance to see jocelyn off in the airport!! =( it happened when i was busy dressing up before i fetch gilian and peyyee, and i recieved jo's message! she says she will be leaving at 730 instead of 930!! ='( argh!! and that time was already 718 when i saw her message. i was so sad lor and i went to fetch gilian from weixiong's house. she was shocked when i tell her, she doesnt believe in me and keep saying that im lying =.=

we head up to peyyee's house after fetching venus and brought some food. my last visit to her house was 6 months ago, with bin and jo. oh yes saw jingkai again! he is so chubiiiii =D

gilian and venus

my favourite chocolate ban chang kuih *yummmm* and i hate curry mee!

gilian inspected peyee's wardrobe, she said that's a must!

then cheowhua came to met us too =D she came back just in time!

a fat mimi XD

we're reading back our autograph during high school, so much memories la haha! ♥♥love you girls so much♥♥ for me, high school was a utterly wonderful moment, although we looked so silly. hm, almost everyone left now! gilian back to uni, peyee goin back to aus on 18, bin still in boston, jo in perth, left me, and the ms venus that always fuyan me =( hah! soon will be my turn lor =D

good night people, i need a good night sleep now.

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2 dreamers

  1. isn't that pei yee change her bedroom layouts? she doesn't have that closet 6 months ago, and the baggie hanger,doesn't she? i can see she got ton of bags!! "-_-

  2. yup yup you are right her room was extended and the gym room was added beside her room, you remember the gym room was at the underground last year?now is just right beside her room, cool right?


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