Sunday, July 26, 2009

♥Smile everytime you peep!♥

its holiday, again.

why time passes in a swift when i do not really want it to be that fast?
i want it to be sloooow and smoooooth instead of fast and furious.
and i wish that i could slow down everything now.
anyhow, i did not do well for this term, cant focus on anything until the last day of the assessment week. my room was in great confusion, until i cant really see my pinkish bed and blanketed with colour papers every night!

this is just a tiny tip of the iceberg!

and luckily i have dad as my sponser this time =)

brought those blingies for camera and nails assignments!

seeeee, leaf over those magazines was part of my assignment! cutting them out was a sin ='(

got our tickets for prom!!! =D anyone else goin? *tagtag: avargon, dart, sexymiao and fatrab!*

and watched harrypotter with someone on the weekend night before i have to hand in my fashion's journal! *self-slap* but the movie was a dissapointment, perhaps i was too sleepy that night?

however, spotted emma watson's bold new look for her first advertising for Burberry Prorsum ‘10 spring/summer. love it!

fooooood foood that i will never forget

cute bread from dede always brighten my day lately! (cute=small but expensive) thanks la =) i swallow 8 of them during thursday night!!!

and iceeeeeeee from 100yen! lalalalalala~

ok lo shall stop here =D nite people!

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