Wednesday, September 02, 2009

♥Smile everytime you peep!♥

the day before our national day. string along with my cousins to pulau aman, located at the south part of butterworth. suprisingly, that day was a bright sunny day, relish the blues around the island so much =)

see the clear azure sky ^^

the new penang bridge's construction work can be seen from the left at the jetty;

and at the right was our blurry georgetown, still raining there i guess.

the fishing point at pulau aman.

there's nothing much on this peaceful little island, except fresh seafood and malays. we caught a talk with a local fisherman and he mentioned that there's only around 300 residents. in addition, the main purpose for this trip was my cousin's long-craved-mee udang =D

the true colours of the aman's mee udang

middle of the waterway, heading back to the mainland. as you can see my chubby face, i put on weight again la =(

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