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Monday, September 14, 2009

♥Smile everytime you peep!♥


it was so random!!!!
decided not going last wednesday night until my sexy odesha text me and told me that she's going and then everyone's going! =D
its a 2weeks-postponed-party, promised anffi, but didn't turn up at last *sorry*
and finally we're there again. *miss miss miss miss*
im the earliest!!! haha, because my 'driver' was told to be earlier =D *thanks hah*
part of the guys

black and red babies =)

see anffi? she looks gorgeous that night! cant take my eyes off her, she's so hot!! i wonder why she's getting slimmer day by day although she still eat a lot! *envious la*

scene from our place, love the lighting.

the people

alrite, just post some of the pics that you couldnt find in odesha's blog here =D
holiao-est photo of the prom king~
oh he's just ENTERTAINING us la.

just remind me of the first clubbing with them!
it was a year ago, 17th sept, when joshua was still illegal to club! XD
nice to see you brought up =D
love you pigs!

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