peisher's wedding night(4 oct 09)

Friday, October 16, 2009

♥Smile everytime you peep!♥

just got these wedding dinner photos from the photographer two days ago. its a great night which gathered everyone of us =) cherish the wonderful moment.

perm-ed my hair temporarily that night, trying to be like taylor swift XD
some says i looks like korean with the hair=D

have to reach earlier to check with the decoration's part, so fond of the beautiful lantern, set the mood for the mooncake festival!

thousands feast that contained 102tables.

our table that night, youngsters, except my mami and dexter the kid.

on the stage with dexter, 2 pek, 2 em, 7 gu, 7 guzhang with the pretty bride that night! 7 gu looks gorgeous =D

typical one, shouted like insane!

some nice shots with the wedding bear before the dinner ends with peiwen, boy, fishyy, sheuyeu, melvin, malcolm and dexter.

family photo with the bridegroom and bride.

dexter again =)

a photo with 3 ger.

weeeee =D

once again a blessing for edmund and peisher before this post ends


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