a christmas carol, astro boy and new moon

Thursday, November 26, 2009

♥Smile everytime you peep!♥

movieeeeeeeeeeees again!!

although we're busy but still cant resist the temptation from the cinema!
a lot of movie that i wanted to watch leh, really cant help it.

a christmas carol by disney

its a disappointment =(
i wanted to watch it since the first time i saw the trailer,
i just love those sweet and heart-warming christmas' stories..
but for this movie, its opposite, most of the part was dark and a bit scary that it had shocked me in a few way. i cant really get the point of the movie, its quite boring for me.
anyway the 3d motion-capture was still very beautiful and interesting.

then another one was, astro boy.

i'll say its much more interesting if compare with a christmas carol!
the story line is okay and quite exciting for me, and those characters are cute =D
its so touching when it comes to the ending part, i love his father's role that he knew that a robort cant replace his son although they looks exactly the same.

and for today, watched new moon =)

i prefer the old one. why much of what i enjoyed about the first movie seems missing in the follow-up film? and i wanted to see edward more la,
but i see so much emphasis placed on those werewolves one =(
besides, no more flying scene of edward and bella and those amazing visual effects like the vampire baseball game laaaa! i like the romance part of the part one so much =( miss it!

different people different view la hah!

gooood night babies!

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