happy birthday pey yeeeee

Friday, December 18, 2009

♥Smile everytime you peep!♥

a day out with pey yee after so looooooong!
she's back since 20 nov but i couldnt spare my time before that
so since it was her birthday so its definitely a great day to hang out

cheow hua and ah sin cannot make it, they have to work
we went to queensbay for tea
merry christmas from taiwan bull!
cute moo moo, at first i thought it was a sticker but actually its not

both of us ordered a bimbimba,
we are there for dessert actually but i cant resist the temptation

pey yee's super big mango iceeeee
it was so big!
she claimed that it was too sugary, too much mango syrup perhaps.

i ordered 'pow pow ice' which is a brand new dessert in taiwan bull
see those tiny balls in the spoon? that is the powpow balls, its like a sago but its not.
it has some syrup in it, and a layer wrapping it so that it will have a small explosion when u bite it!

went back to pey yee's house after meal
she've got two cakes for her birthday!
super cute cake

the dragoooon, the whole thing is made by cream i guess
it doesnt looks like sugar paste
and mermaid!
nice right?? looks like a kid's birthday cake
people will thought she stole jin kai's birthday cake

and the mermaid is very sexy
look at her bra! its just cream! finish eating it then she will be naked~
me, jin kai and pey yee's mummy

and found some of her old photos
pey yee you are so young!
oh i remember this!
primary school look =D
and also her form1 and form5 look in our graduation school magazine

big changes no?
okay the only thing that doesnt change is, she still doesnt like to wear lool *opss*
happy birthday to you again pey yee darling
may our 12years of friendship never ends la

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