j.co with glian and venus =D

Friday, December 04, 2009

♥Smile everytime you peep!♥

i went for donuts yesterday =D and still those colourful donuts are superbly yummy!
glian is back to town. she was soooooo busy that she's only be able to meet us after 3 weeks! 越来越不像话了 =P

the picture of the day,

and before that we went for dinner, me and venus actually had our dinner before that already so didnt order much food.

tomyam bihun, doesnt taste good =(
but glian's pork rib's rice had a better savour.

we ordered two different ice because its cheap,
but its not tasty at all, so disappointing
the main reason is because of the fruit, they shouldnt use canned-fruit for dessert, it doensnt taste good at all! thats why its cheap.

after that we shifted to j.co *delighted*
my round face T.T

love love love!!!!

sweet glian and venus

glian's super cute face: ‘不的!!’

venus very boring face

the gossip session passes so fast! still have a lot to catch up but no point because the shop closed at 12.

wei darlings, dont forget our dreams and promises lo =D

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