Sunday, January 10, 2010

♥Smile everytime you peep!♥

a pending post of a dinner with pat and yueshi.
caught this dinner before yueshi goes back to her uni, planned since weeks ago but never turn up!

chilis again. chilis everytime i went out with ah pat i dont know why Photobucket

my sweeeeet yueshi Photobucket always claimed that she has a big round face. super long never see her already!

me me

yueshi and pathelyn, singles, both my U6's classmate =) used to study really hard together leh.
i havent seen ah pat for 6 months already =( always missed the chance one! but super miss her, she's the one that was so happy and surprised for my new relationship! we shared a lot of stories and complaints about our previous relationship in the old days.

CREAMY mushroom, so rich and heavy until i cant finish all of it

the oldtimer

monterey chicken
this was yum, marinated and grilled chicken breast with BBQ sauce, beef bacon, cheese and dried tomatoes! loving the mashed potatoes and veggies!

my choice of country fried chicken! i just wanted to eat fried chicken so badly that night! it was chicken breast hand-battered and fried,i was just so into it!

every dish was in a really big portion, like always. so dead we cant finish the burger and the fried chicken. somemore have to cancel the dessert leh T.T I WANT THE DESSERT SO BADLY LEH

last but not least,
i want more dinner la pattttttt! =D
im looking forward for our next dinner together, hopefully you girls can have everything that you want =D

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