crepe cottage

Thursday, January 21, 2010

a view from gurney drive
taken while waiting for crepe cottage to open!

sounds familiar?
its a small and plain little cottage along gurney drive

crepe cottage is really famous with their crepes and pancakes!

read through all the food in their menu in this cosy and yellowish little cottage

we can see the kitchen from our table!

the view out there

and we waited for AT LEAST 45 mins for the food!! they took really long time to prepare our food, after all, i felt that its worth to wait!

finally the food was here, in a really big portion! we waited for really long, somemore we're the 1st customer that made the order leh!
my seafood pasta (rm14)! yum yummmm

cheesy bake (rm12), at first i thought it would be like those cheese bake in winter warmers but it not! it was actually chicken cubes, mushroom and onions wrapped in crepe and baked with cheddar and parmesan cheese! tasted very oriental, quite normal for me.

really big portion!!! cant manage to finish them
chocolate crepe with nutella and banana served with double-flavoured ice cream (rm10)! Photobucket

strawberry roll (rm12)! anffi gonna love this! Photobucket
its vanilla and strawberry ice cream rolled in a crepe with fresh strawberries all around it!
muaaaaah!! satisfactory to the MAX!

really big big portion! i never imagine that the dessert can be that big you know!

when we left, the whole place is totally full! this dinner took around 2 hours =.=

add: crepe cottage, 77-A, gurney drive, 10250, penang. (next to coffee island)
open hours: 6pm - midnight (close on tuesday)
reservation: 019 448 1680

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