lipin's baby

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

♥Smile everytime you peep!♥

last friday.

4 aunties went to visit lipin's baby boy! (yes we're old enough to be a mommy now T.T)

brought this cute thingy for the baby

so nice leh somemore have rabbit one
make sure you guys will buy rabbits for my baby too!! =D

took some time to reach lipin's house at balik pulau, super far!

*teng teng*
lipin's baby boy, joseph, he looks like his daddy!!

ah jo, she's going back on the 19th =(

poh khim's skinny legs behind me T.T i want la, why people can be that skinny but i cant?

poh khim, havent seen her for ages

pey yeeeeee

the mommy

some cute pics of the baby:

he covered his ears because pey yee laughed so loud!

so tiny!

i like his face when he's asleep, looks so sweet! Photobucket

shall stop here.

looking forward of the next mommy among our friends =)

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