little genting with them

Friday, March 12, 2010

♥Smile everytime you peep!♥

im so happy to get my guardian stickers =D its enough to get a big headz soft toy that worth rm49.90, i did my redeem before we went to little genting for dinner that day

i choose my giraffeee

i prefer giraffe,hippo and lion! the rest one dont look nice

a photo with our new friend

we're the earliest among all, they said will reach earlier to catch the sunset
the sun lost in the horizon before they reach,
its enjoyable under the moon and stars after all

our friend, hiding XD

another friend, trying to hide too

main entrance to the dining place

this boat, a famous sign of little genting, they named it '乘风破浪'

and remember this atap house that i mention in this post before?
i said it was atap but its not, 'boathouse' is the name. yes it has a long table for around 10 to 15person, tv and balcony, we're suppose to get that place but its a bit quiet up there and we're afraid of insects. i suggest earlier is the best, you can have your dinner around 6pm by enjoying the beautiful sunset in the boathouse =)

i was so hungry and about to eat my giraffe

ordered 6 dishes, 2 tomyam seafood and a white tomyam! i love the white tomyam!
do not have time to snap everything because its like 'zooooom' and everything was gone, everyone was extremely hungry that night

satisfactory smile on everyone face after the meal

ken was pretty full perhaps
look at his big tummy

odesha chan's adorable face =D

anffi, can ah?
*mosaic-ed because anffi said she is xxxx*
attention of the night

how lovely if they can spend time like that?


beyond comparison

his real hair

a group photo before switch to hammer bay

continue chilled at hammer bay with babies and giraffeeee!

till then,
upcoming post---will show you how to eat sakae sushi if you have only rm10 =D

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