Sunday, March 21, 2010

♥Smile everytime you peep!♥

hello Photobucket
boring la will be back to school tomorrow morning
more challenges coming in this brand new semester!
so..................... speechless =X
i dont wanna promise anything since i cant really accomplish it, dont ask me to work hard la try harder la.... this will only double up my wound, or like rubbing salt on it *ouch*


back to some joyful moment last wednesday

the one and only clubbing session for our holiday!

that day was quite early, went to odesha's place before that to dress up and gossip =D
reached around 1130pm and got into mois just in time without any long queue and we thought it will not be that crowded that night, who knows, it was extremely full after that, cant even step into the dance floor

photo with my hot chicks Photobucket

hot dudes

stole this from odesha chan Photobucket
super dreamy cute!!!!! i like the first photo from the left, i looks like im mad or insane XD

cute couple all the time

last photo la.

not much photos i have because i forgot to feed my cam before club =(
oh yes and i think the reason why its so packed that night is because they're having the sexy dance battle for this few weeks, omg we even saw the girl dance and she took off her clothes!! freaking shameless she did that on the stage =X

nite people,
i dont wanna be late for school tomorrow

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