my 18th birthday treat!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

♥Smile everytime you peep!♥

another teary birthday dinner,
TEOH KIM SING she is so ho liao, act innocent and bully me!

吃什么?in a hot pinkie page Photobucket

'xian ding wei' sounds like 先订位

xian ding wei taiwanese tea room@queensbay mall 2nd floor

ah sin aka ms venus or fatty

and in the middle of dinner, CHAN GAIK LIAN pop-up!!! which is totally out of my expectation! i thought she's suppose to be in johor and study real hard at that time? arghh touched to the max! super wetty kiss for you glian!

ordered so much food that night, since i got free meal =D
i ordered 山珍海味and佛跳墙~!

迷你佛跳墙, 'buddha jump over the wall', didnt expect too much because its cheap, rm14 if not wrong

this is 山珍海味, the upper stove,
the lower was 三杯鸡

山珍-pork in hotpot

海味-tepanyaki seafood

it comes with a whole set, with side dish, rice and soup

ah sin请你吃什么?


everything was boiling hot until the end of the meal

红油抄手 yum yum yum

dessert time!!!!!
they have a variety of ice blended! cant wait to taste all of them!!

my choice: vanilla and strawberry!

nice apple, but overall no good =(
i hate yam! and it has lots of yam, plus, the ice was so rough, and sugary!

ah sin with nice apple

chilling at Sticks Fire after that
beautiful penang bridge night scene

my pinkie eyes!

glian's pink nails and red lappie

melonkaka, Sticks' signature cocktail
watermelon+vodka+melon liquer

great night as usual!
i cant wait until july because.....

you know.

once again thank you very much ms venus and glian

tata, time for class!


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