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Thursday, April 29, 2010

♥Smile everytime you peep!♥

attended an event in kl last weekends, its a brand new facial product's launch in palace of the golden horses. pretty lucky that my mom was invited so i could tag along YES!Photobucket

my silly face, just woke up after a long sleep in the car

i skipped the long speech in the middle of the event and visit the whole place!
it was a bit old, but still luxurious!

horses everywhere!!
even the texture of floor it's full of horse's hoofs and the beautiful ceiling in the lobby

im in DUBAI!!! Photobucket *dreaming*

this dress/tops was from anffi, exactly the same with the one that i saw in the magazine, i cant remember its vivi or popteen already. comparison between me and the model showed that im so freaking creamy! T.T

teatime! the dessert was awesome!

i love the fruit tart so muchie!

the launch ended on 6pm, then we headed to mom's favorite - IKEA after that, she wants to renovate her house so badly! brought a few things there and im super excited that i found a super dreamy cute lamp for my room!!!! =D cant wait to hang it on my ceiling!

dinner time those aunties wanted to try ikea famous meat balls!
i swallowed two and im alredy full!

ohhhhh and my all time favourite!!!
i want moooooore!


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