family dinner@The Sire

Sunday, May 02, 2010

♥Smile everytime you peep!♥

a simple dinner with family at The Sire,
which is a famous museum restaurant that located along king's street.

that old house was actually belongs to Yeap Chor Ee. Back to the old days, he was a very famous and rich person in penang, and now his grandson, Yeap Leong Huat, turned this place into a private family gallery. seriously i never really dine in this restaurant before although my college is just nearby. it was never too late to visit now, i think its super worthy and great experience!

called to make a reservation before that but all the nice place was already taken, it was so packed because of public holiday, they can only barely arrange a 9 person table beside the entrance, but its still enjoyable!

with the little sean, he gel-ed his hair, cute max

it is a mini museum and we are allow to visit the whole gallery

look at the spinning stairs! the interior was madly nice!!

this little bridge linked us to another living hall, it has quite a few bridges in the house

its a pond at the courtyard in the middle of the house! i believe this is feng shui!

another courtyard, which is the dinning area. the place was pretty big, the entrance is small but big space in there, they use only 1/4 for dinning area and the rest was the gallery.

another dining area at the 1 1/2 floor

old grandfather clocks

books! simply love the shelf

this staircase linked us to the bedroom

the kids are really curious with everything, keep asking question about everything!!

they even asked me this, why this old computer do not have a monitor?

this pond is so dreamy, i love it!

dont have to worry about the food because once the food are ready the waiter will inform, good service i give 5 stars!

light herbal oxtail soup

french onion soup
simply love the cheese croton!

freshly-made bread with cheese and sour cream, this is complimentary i think

i love my oxtail soup! but its so little =(

grilled teriyaki salmon
the salmon is awesome! and we ordered 2 of this,
i loveeeee, look at the thickness, satisfactory max after nom nom it

crazy with his fight, he is so addicted!

roasted lamb chop
roasted australian mid lamb chop with homemade wild honey orange Dijon mustard
this is just okay, not much special impression

grilled sea bass with king prawn
not bad i feel, the sea bass is good.

spaghetti bolognese
super big portion! this is yummy i love it, especially the olive oil smell so niceee and the beef sauce, number 1 la!

tiger prawn in salsa d'agrumi
so-so la, i love salsa sauce so much but this salsa doesnt impress me at all.

stewed lamb shank
my choice! 60% cannot be eaten, its the bone. however the mint sauce is good, cajun spice is good.

geeeee, fat!

this black thing is rich wallnut brownie


baked cheese cake

chit chat and photography session after food,
hah, because that place is too nice to leave so early
baby sean, me, kim and hank


sweet sweet!

oh yes and that huge photo was taken by my lecturer!

the rooms for the kings and queens to pee

end this post with kids' photo!

sad la, the photos' quality doesnt looks good at all! T.T my camera's fault!
nite peeps, im freaking sleepy now!


add: 4, King Street, 10200 Penang (opposite esplanade)
Tel: 04-2645088, 04-2634359


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3 dreamers

  1. waseh~ very luxury arr... limited place.. no wonder so expensive la... LOL

    penang wher ar? king's street? u're at which coll ? i noe few only..

  2. wah,nice and romantic place!

  3. yup its at
    4 King Street, 10200 Penang.
    T: 04-264 5088, 04-263 4359.
    nearby esplanade! im in equator academy of art taking graphics =D


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