happy weekend!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

♥Smile everytime you peep!♥

good morning world!!

this must be my luckiest weekend ever! i just received a gift from my aunt yesterdayPhotobucket guess what is thatttt!

it is brownPhotobucket

it equals to 2567 mcd's sandae cone........ Photobucket

and starts with a 'L' Photobucket


anffi you sure can get it right!

YES its LV Monogram Neverfull!
seriously Monogram is never in my wishlist one but i'll try to love Monogram now! i love Damier!

sushi fever again!
homemade with lotsa love!

realize that white thing in the middle? its cream cheese!
every bite of it is a surprise! cream cheese and sushi make great combination!

dinner in Hai Nan Town yesterday night
thought it was serving only hainan's delicacy but they have nyonya food too! my camera cant capture nice photo with night scene AT ALL and i hate it! cant take nice photo in those romantic places aiyaaaa

Hai Nan Town is just beside QE2

the ambiance is great really! super loving the outdoor seats, can enjoy the sea breeze!

i like this place!
direct facing the sea, the sea view is all yours!!

nyonya food, perut ikan, which means the stomach of the fish

hainanese mutton stew! i give this number 1

kacang botol and chun-piah

shall stop here
off to G hotel for the Coach sales now!



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