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Sunday, May 16, 2010

♥Smile everytime you peep!♥

cute photo i likey! and my face looks real weird here

holiday now and it doesn't feels like a break for me at all! my days like still so freaking rush and pack, i need a getaway, which is cooling and relaxing one, dont have to be far anyway ♥ oh yes and peisher jio me for shanghai trip yesterday, everyone is rushing to the world expo! dad says its still too early to go, will caught in a huge crowd now.

i have a few jobs now, which i dont really think that i can handle T.T but im forced to try them and complete them in a short period. i wanna earn up to 1k in this two weeks la, can i? i received a new job yesterday, its a whiskey box! the bottle was totally out of my expectation! its so beautiful! perhaps its one of the most beautiful bottles that i ever seen! it has a dragon in the middle of the bottle! so yeng!

oh yes and my digital illustration, so fu yan one i felt

why other people can produce such a nice piece but i cant? sad laaaaaaaaa i really need to put more effort. look at the red hair, super fu yan! aih, cant help it.

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