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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

♥Smile everytime you peep!♥

did i mention before that sabien is back?!!

okay i didnt, it happens during the day we went to hatyai last weekend, she reached penang secretly and think to give us a real big surprise but she failed, haha!! she called us but end up no one pick up her phone because we're busy shopping at that moment!
by the way, just in case you dont know her, you can read this, she left 2 years ago to US and now she's back!!!!! can you believe that? 2 years just passed in a blink of eye!

me, glian and sabien

we went for a scrumptious dinner at batu feringgi and chilled at 69 mansion after dinner on monday night. i've been waiting for sooooo long and finally 2 years flies!

that day was glian's birthday, the actual day

the gorgeous surrounding like always, click my previous post to know more =)

four of us were classmates when we're in form 5, year by year but tey way we talk are still remain the same, and prettier Photobucket

pints of hoegaarden, my current love!


bin's happy feet XD

took the different seat which is at the top part, so comfy enjoying the sea breeze on the cozy sofa


the flooding place was kinda fun that night, a few people fell into the water and get wet, looks fun!

looking forward for our next 8pax gathering dinner, fatt fatt fatt! Photobucket

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2 dreamers

  1. woah! looks nice ler 69 mansion, next time must visit if I go penang! =D

  2. yes yes its really nice! dont forget to wear swimming trunk when you go lo!


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